Sunday, June 07, 2009

Spring fever

The weather has been cool and stormy this past week. I don't mind this, as it reminds me of home. It really affects me in various ways: my hair reverts to its naturally curly state because the humidity is above zero; I start drinking a lot more coffee throughout the day; my sleep paradoxically improves, possibly because of the afforementioned humidity; I drop into dreamy reverie often, prompted by the scent of wet lilac, the sound of rain, or watching the clouds over the mountains to the west.

I also get a bit dippy, judging from the paragraph above.

I'm updating from the coffee shop on my iPod, so I can't add any photos. Recent fun things I've done include going to the Neko Case show in Denver, laying around reading novels, and buying my ticket to Seattle for my TWO-WEEK visit!