Monday, November 15, 2010

department of complaints department

Have you seen that commercial for Disneyland that has parents surprising their kids, who are "so excited!" about going to the big D? It kind of makes me laugh because my parents also pulled a Disney surprise on my brother and me back in the day, and let's just say it did not go well. Picture two children, aged 9 and 12, bursting into tears at the airport and asking why they can't just go home. Poor Mom and Dad. We were so ungrateful.

Speaking of commercials, though, I am in HATE with the new one for the (disgusting) McRib. In addition to the gross-out factor of McRib sauce dripping off people's lips, the music is an insanely schmaltzy love song that I can't get out of my head thanks to Hulu. It seems to only want to show me the McDonalds and Disney ads.

And speaking of things that make me crazy, what up TSA? I have three plane tickets for the next two months and will soon be booking a fourth for March, and I'm mentally preparing to refuse to go through the peep-show machine if directed and just submit to getting groped instead. My bra almost always sets off the metal detector in Denver (but not other airports), so I've gotten used to the pat down and wanding. But last month when I flew to Baltimore, I got the new and decidedly unimproved touching. The woman who aggressively felt me up was so into invading my private areas that she totally forgot to wand me.

The just-for-show non-security bullshit is making flying not feel worth it. I'm considering only using air travel for conferences and driving home when I want to visit family, even though it is a 2 12-hour days, multiple mountain pass crossing project that's kind of treacherous for the first day several months out of the year. Still, it might be worth it to just take my money out of a terrible system.