Monday, January 28, 2008

So after class tonight, I gave in to an offer of pizza. I haven't been eating it much at all for several months and must have forgotten that the last time we got some, I suffered. And so I suffer again. It's just an upset stomach (which could be partially blamed on the bourbon and vanilla coke, I guess), but I hesitate to lay down in bed for fear of the almighty acid reflux monster.

We also watched Army of Darkness, which has been on my list for a while and sadly did not live up to expectations. I wouldn't say I'm a huge Bruce Campbell fan or anything, but I have seen one of the Evil Dead movies and enjoyed Bubba Ho-Tep quite a bit. I actually went to that with Pete and one of his friends during library school, when I didn't know him all that well and before he became my favorite partner-in-crime's companion. Anyway, my point is that we watched the end of the State of the Union address afterwards, and that was funnier than the movie.

Finally, after a long conversation about research and publishing, etc., I came home to find my first Early Reviewer book in the mailbox, so I'll need to read that and post a review soon. Between that, everything I have checked out from the library; the stacks of unread books in my house; the fifteen or so new books I picked up at Midwinter; the books publishers have started mailing to me for no apparent reason other than maybe they know I'm a librarian (although they come to my house and my librarian stuff comes to work); all the essays and chapters I'm looking at for the composition reader; and the book I just got for a discussion group next month, I think I'm set for reading materials for a while. Also, I have a healthy supply of journal articles stacked up in my office. But hey, I posted on the book blog for the first time this year, although I know I read something else and just can't remember what now. Maybe something on a plane? Hmm.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

phone home

It's amazing how important a phone call can be. Talking to a good friend can, if not make the hard stuff go away, at least put it into perspective a little. It's easy to go too long between conversations, to neglect that connection. I need to be better about that.

Friday, January 25, 2008

music for the masses

So, I'm totally a music freak. This is no secret. What I'm not is any sort of scene-y hipster, who keeps up with the latest, most edgy stuff. I don't understand Animal Collective. Even more accessible stuff is sometimes beyond me. For years and years I almost, but didn't quite embrace Modest Mouse. I have no patience for most prog-rock and anything remotely jam-bandy makes me crazy. So I know what I like, and I like pop music. Like, a lot.

LCD Soundsystem made my best-of list and I consider them extremely listenable. So I was amused by this post, defending Sound of Silver from its inclusion on a list of "10 Unlistenable Albums Lying Hipsters Put on Year-End Lists to Appear Cool." These lists are always interesting to me because I usually like one or two of the bands included (see also: Grizzly Bear, The Knife). Whatever. It's funny. And what do I know? After all, I'm currently listening to Sir Mix-a-lot's "My Posse's on Broadway." My profile is so weird.

What I really need right now is something new to listen to. The new Interpol is in my library requests, so there's that.

Monday, January 21, 2008

cartoon logic

I'm watching Ratatouille, which resulted in the following conversation.

Kaijsa: So, he's an American rat living in Paris?
Rick: No, he just doesn't have a strong accent
Kaijsa: Okay

Sometimes I over think these things.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008, isn't it great?

I can't believe the new year is already here. It took longer than expected, but I arrived in Laramie yesterday sometime after noon. I got to Denver on Sunday morning, and Rick picked me up at the airport. It was a gorgeous day. We drove up to Fort Collins, with the intention of grabbing lunch, doing a tiny bit of shopping, and getting back on the road. A storm came through and closed the highways, which changed our plans somewhat. After killing time by going to a movie (National Treasure 2, which was "eh"), the road reports were still all bad news and we had to stay the night. It was fun, in a snow-day kind of way. I like hotels.

So we rolled into town almost a day later than planned and it was suddenly New Year's Eve. I didn't have any grand plans and ended up tagging along with Rick to a party where I only knew the hostess. All her guests were nice and we had fun playing games until the big countdown. This is my first New Year in Laramie, so I'm missing the fun party I usually go to on New Year's Day. It feels kind of weird, but I felt like I needed to get back here and have a little time before going back to work.

Now that the holidays are over--well, almost over, since there's a birthday today--I'm hit with the reality of all I need to do. Time is seeming to go by so quickly lately and stuff is piling up, both literally and figuratively. I guess I need a plan. Spring semester should be busy, but less so than fall, which was kind of crazy. I'm trying to take a research methods class, but I didn't really get my act together until right before my vacation, so I'm really hoping the class isn't already full.

I'm thinking that it would be good for me to take a class again and try to be disciplined about keeping up. Also, descriptive research methods could come in pretty handy for assessment projects at work. If I can't get into the class, I'm going to be annoyed, because I will have wasted my $50 registration fee, but I guess I could take something else or wait until next semester.

There are a million other things on my plate right now. Midwinter is coming up amazingly soon. I've never been to Philadelphia, but I don't know if I'll have time to see anything in that short amount of time. We're getting there on Friday and leaving Monday, and my schedule is already too booked. As long as I get to my three committee meetings, I guess the rest is extra. Librarians, let me know if you'll be there, because I'm really hoping I can catch up with my long-distance friends. Internet friends, this means you, too.

Happy New Year!