Friday, September 01, 2006

Travel is fun II: Home at last

Thirteen highlights:
  1. "Shuttle" from Laramie to Cheyenne = some guy who works at the airport driving a minivan rented from Hertz.
  2. That guy doesn't know where he's going. He also drives kind of slowly.
  3. We arrive in Cheyenne minutes before our flight boards. It doesn't matter; the plane is late.
  4. I [allegedly] succeed in carrying [alleged] lipbalm in my pocket. Victory and non-chapped lips are [allegedly] mine.
  5. We arrive in Denver after our next flight begins boarding. The pilot calls our connecting flight.
  6. With fast-walking and positive thinking, we make it halfway across the airport and to our gate in 13 minutes.
  7. Our bags do not make it.
  8. Our pending upgrade to first class went through, so we sit down in relative comfort just as the doors close.
  9. I commence drinking wine, eating fruit and cheese, and gossiping with the flight attendant.
  10. The towncar Mom thoughtfully booked drives us home.
  11. My brother and sister-in-law come over for dinner, bearing the news that they're having a boy. We celebrate, then watch the Big Brother All-Stars live eviction show.
  12. Blissful sleep in my parents' comfy guest bed, which I share with two large dogs.
  13. United delivers our bags at 6:00 am.
I made it!