Saturday, October 15, 2005

I yearn to travel

Another post to make up for my recent silence. I try to resist jumping on the bandwagon with these quiz/name or lyric generator/map things, but sometimes I give in.

I'm not as well-travelled as I could be, unfortunately. I don't count places I've only been to because of an airport layover, like Colorado, Texas, Utah, Illinois, and the Netherlands. I'd definitely like to see more of my own country. I have the west coast covered, have visited the southeast and parts of the midwest, but the northeast and mid-atlantic get no love. It's not on purpose, dudes.

create your own visited states map

create your own visited countries map

Also, I've been fiddling with my template to make the page look less crowded. If anything goes haywire, let me know. It looks fine to me in IE and Firefox.

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