Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Packrat Fever

It's been a while since my last move, and it seems I have a lot of crap I don't really need and most of it's heavy. My affinity for 1950s diner china means I have many heavy dishpacks in addition to the several large boxes of fun kitchen implements cluttering up the basement. Potato ricer? Check. Six different kinds of whisks? Check. Carmelizing torch? check. Asparagus pot? Check. Frying pan? Of course not.

Here's my really shocking librarian confession: I have too many books. I've boxed eight cartons so far and am only halfway done, not even counting oversized art books and mass market paperbacks. This is after selling a couple hundred recently. Don't get me started on fifteen or so years worth of CDs. You might think I don't need two copies of Black Celebration, but you'd be wrong. I wore out three tapes back in the day.

I'll be spending part of the long weekend sorting and packing, trying to weed out things I can live without. Other plans include Thanksgiving hosted by my brother and sister-in-law, waiting for friends to cross the finish line at the marathon, and preparing my interview presentation. Have an nice holiday, whatever your plans.


Kris G. said...

I feel your pain. I spent my day yesterday cleaning. While I now have a (mostly) tidy house, there are still a few boxes not yet open. My big weaknesses are books, fabric, and yarn; my last big weakness-- kitchenry-- was solved by a passive-aggressive moving "helper."

Kaijsa said...

Yeah, moving really brings to light all the things we accumulate over the years. I haven't even started on my yarn and fabric, or all the stationery stuff!

SJ said...

Lemmie know if you need to unload Ye Olde Bedazzler.

Kaijsa said...

Never! Me and 'Dazzler are besties.