Monday, April 24, 2006

Online at Last/Collaborative Blogging

After a few hassles and mixed up orders, my phone and DSL service is up and running. It's been hard for me to blog without internet at home. I've been staying late at work to use the internet for my personal needs, but by the time I answered and wrote a bunch of emails, did my banking and bill paying stuff, I always felt more like going home to make dinner than writing a new blog entry. I hope my new connected-ness will make my personal and BlogHer posts come a lot more frequently.

On the subject of BlogHer, I've been struggling a bit to keep up with my duties as a Contributing Editor, and not just because of my temporary connectivity issues. It takes me a lot of time and work to put together surfing guides for my humanities/social sciences and research beat. I know my situation isn't unique, but I think one of the big reasons I get frustrated is that I have a hard time finding academic blogs worth pointing to in my posts. Don't get me wrong--plenty of academics are blogging, but I'm finding that most of the content relates to personal life and/or teaching. That kind of blogging has its place, but I'm looking for writing about my disciplines and academic research. I've found a lot of great content coming from librarian bloggers, but don't want to make my CE posts super library-centric because I'm writing for a wide academic audience.

So, my plan for now is to try to put a lot of the library stuff here and keep my BlogHer posts more discipline-specific. That doesn't solve my content problem, but I'm actively searching for academic blogs and websites all the time. I'm also always open to suggestions. If you're reading or writing about the humanities, social sciences, or research in general, please send me links. I don't want to keep linking to the same writers all the time and I know I must be missing out on some great stuff. Thanks in advance!

It's snowing right now, so I'm off to see if I can stand the windchill long enough to take some pictures during lunch.


SJ said...

Snow? Boodums! I was wearing sandals today. Somehow sandals make me think of you. Maybe it's all the fancy tromping around we did in iTown. Diet Coke in one hand, cute bag in the other, no intention of going to class...sigh.

Kaijsa said...

Yeah, the weather here is weird. It can be 70 one day and 25 and snowing the next.

Spring totally reminds me of school with you. Good times! It's all clogs and sweaters for me right now--I miss sandals, cute bags, and sitting in the (green) grass with you.