Saturday, December 09, 2006


My mom called today and told me my dog, who now lives with my parents, is sick. She's had liver problems in the past but has been pretty healthy for a couple of years. Abbie has a big mass in her abdomen, so she had x-rays and a biopsy today. We'll know more after the radiologist takes a look at her films. She'll likely have get an ultrasound next week, and she's off her pain meds (for joint pain) so her liver isn't so taxed.

It was hard to leave her behind when I moved, even though I know she's better off not being cooped up alone while I'm at work every day. Abbie's getting close to nine years old, but I'm not ready to lose her. I still think of her as my little baby, like this:

Abbie's first bath
Taken the day we brought her home in June 1998. She was four weeks old.

Abbie all grown up

I'm really glad I'm going home in ten days to spend a couple of weeks with her. With midwinter in Seattle in January, I'll get a few more days with her soon after, as well. It sounds awful, but missing Abbie is harder than missing the people I left. The phone and email keep me in touch with friends and family, but there's nothing like that that works for dogs.


SJ said...

Awww, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I can't imagine how you must feel, but I know how much you love her.

Kaijsa said...

Thank you--it sucks, but I'm concentrating on getting to see her soon.

Jessica said...

Animals are way better than people most of the time.

kaijsa said...

They're awesome little friends. Thanks, Jessica.

Kim said...

Aww..sorry to hear that. I know It's scary to have a sick dog. I hope Abbie's better soon.

kaijsa said...

Thanks, Kim. I hope you and Petey are doing well.

You remind me that I need to post an update on her condition!