Friday, November 23, 2007


My visit home to Seattle hasn't been what I expected. My mom called me before my flight early Thursday morning and let me know my dad took my brother to the emergency room the night before. Turns out he has pneumonia and was really sick, so he and my sister-in-law couldn't host Thanksgiving dinner. My mom and I ended up cooking the whole shebang over here for my parents, my grandma, and me. Then Dad and I took some food over to my brother's house and I got to see my nephew for a few minutes.

I got to meet up with SJ and her family, including Companion's father, for breakfast this morning. That was fun, though the server's stress level made me kind of stressed out, too. Then mom and I went out shopping at just a couple of places and didn't have any trouble parking even though this is crazy shopping day from hell. But we had to cut the fun short to take Dad to see the doctor, because he got really sick today. The doctor sent us straight to the ER because of Dad's high fever, so that makes two family members at the hospital in 48 hours. Not an awesome record. I came home to feed the dogs and wait for Mom to call and let me know when to pick them up again.

There's one day left of my vacation, and I really hope it gets better from here on out.


Laura said...

I hope your vacation improves, too--two family members in the hospital is two too many.

SJ said...

Oh no! Worse news. Let me know if you want to cancel tomorrow...I am still up for itm but I would understand.

kingjumpsuit said...

Eww. I'm glad I'm a safe 300 miles away from Seattle right now. I hope your holiday improves.

Kaijsa said...

Laura: thank you. I'm trying to stay positive!

SJ: I'm not canceling unless I absolutely have to. I might not make it over in time to see the girls before bedtime, but we're going out, dang it!

Kaijsa said...

kingjumpsuit: You're lucky to escape the curse I brought to the city!