Monday, January 28, 2008

So after class tonight, I gave in to an offer of pizza. I haven't been eating it much at all for several months and must have forgotten that the last time we got some, I suffered. And so I suffer again. It's just an upset stomach (which could be partially blamed on the bourbon and vanilla coke, I guess), but I hesitate to lay down in bed for fear of the almighty acid reflux monster.

We also watched Army of Darkness, which has been on my list for a while and sadly did not live up to expectations. I wouldn't say I'm a huge Bruce Campbell fan or anything, but I have seen one of the Evil Dead movies and enjoyed Bubba Ho-Tep quite a bit. I actually went to that with Pete and one of his friends during library school, when I didn't know him all that well and before he became my favorite partner-in-crime's companion. Anyway, my point is that we watched the end of the State of the Union address afterwards, and that was funnier than the movie.

Finally, after a long conversation about research and publishing, etc., I came home to find my first Early Reviewer book in the mailbox, so I'll need to read that and post a review soon. Between that, everything I have checked out from the library; the stacks of unread books in my house; the fifteen or so new books I picked up at Midwinter; the books publishers have started mailing to me for no apparent reason other than maybe they know I'm a librarian (although they come to my house and my librarian stuff comes to work); all the essays and chapters I'm looking at for the composition reader; and the book I just got for a discussion group next month, I think I'm set for reading materials for a while. Also, I have a healthy supply of journal articles stacked up in my office. But hey, I posted on the book blog for the first time this year, although I know I read something else and just can't remember what now. Maybe something on a plane? Hmm.

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