Thursday, August 28, 2008

bonus rainbow

closer rainbow, originally uploaded by Kaijsa.


Steph said...

Saw your entry about Burgermaster, and I remember our little trip to the 'master probably going on 10 years ago. Do they still have the Turkeymaster? Just saying that makes me laugh, but not being able to have one makes me cry ...

Warren is in Redmond for work right now and on our daily phone calls I make him catalogue everything he's eaten and every restaurant he's visited.

Kaijsa said...

The Turkeymaster is still on the menu!

I hear you about not being able to have the foods we once took for granted. When we were vacationing, I basically dragged Rick from restaurant to restaurant, trying to eat everything I miss. Sometimes we weren't even hungry, but we still ate Thai, or whatever was on the agenda.

Tell Warren he must go to Chutney's, if he hasn't already!