Tuesday, December 02, 2008


When I look at my little weather thingy on my homepage, It makes me sad to see what I'm missing in the land of my birth. Watching the Twilight movie this weekend made me feel this really acutely. All that rain and the lush, green landscapes and muddy yards made me physically crave home. The film wasn't a masterpiece, but I think the setting made me love it. I didn't want it to end because I so miss the sound of rain falling.

Returning to this image, check out the humidity in each city. At 92%, my hair would be curly instead of full of static electricity, I wouldn't wake up with a sore throat and a bloody nose, and my skin wouldn't be itchy and sore less than an hour after moisturizing. Best of all, I probably wouldn't feel like my contacts were sticking to my eyeballs by noon. Suffice it to say that I need some moisture in my life.

You'd think that almost three years into living here I wouldn't miss the gray skies and mist so much. But I really need the water, maybe more than ever. I need to see green grass and trees all year long and smell fresh, wet dirt. I need lakes and rivers and the sound. And most of all, I need to feel some rain.


Jess said...

After living in California for a mere 5 months, I came to realize that the Pacific Northwest is the greatest place on earth. Seriously. I love it here! Even a rainy day can be beautiful. Any plans to visit soon?

Kaijsa said...

I fly home on the 22nd, early. Maybe we can squeeze in a quick visit? I'm only in town for a couple of days before my folks and I take off for central WA for some time in the woods. What's your holiday sitch?

SJ said...

HALP I am drowning in my lungs!

Kaijsa said...

You are hilarious. And also, it's snowing to beat the band right now. It's gorgeous and now I'm not so sad to be here.