Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've been remiss in not updating the world on my fabulous life. Heh. You know I'm kidding, right. Since my Seattle/Phoenix adventures, I've been totally wrapped up in life and not really taking the time to reflect on it.

Not long after coming back home, I left again for Wichita to go to the Kansas Library Association/Mountain Plains Library Association conference. Highlights of the trip include eating paella, drinking whiskey with Josh Neff, and barely restraining myself from buying shoes I can't afford at a very cute boutique in Old Town. I also enjoyed this sign on the front door of the Hyatt where we stayed.


After getting back to Laramie, I got caught up in work business and the impending move to the new offices in the addition to the Library. It's beautiful in there. I haven't take any photos in the office suite yet, but here's a sneaky peep through my old office into the new building.


And then it was my birthday! I kind of celebrated all weekend. I ate a cupcake at my desk on Thursday.

birthday cupcake

I had drinks out and then watched Point Break with Chad on my actual birthday. I'm glad I have friends who like cheesy movies as much as I do sometimes. No pictures from friday, strangely. On Saturday, a couple of other April babies and I had a party, where we danced, drank, and ate fun foods. I took some pictures, but was more into partying than photography. And here I am after the party, all sweaty and messed up from dancing.

spring09 026

Today's all about lazing around and reveling in not having to be anywhere. Happy Easter!


Steph said...

Happy birthday! Sorry I missed it ... I'm not very good at keeping track of people's birthdays. It sounds like you had a fun weekend.

And I love the haircut. Is that new? I am terrified of cutting my hair here after my last attempt ... it's getting so long now that it's really bugging me. Fear or annoyance, which will prevail?

Kaijsa said...

Yes, new haircut--got it chopped about a week and a half ago. I just went to one of those cheap walk-in places and had them do it for $12. I guess I don't have any haircut fear because mine grows so fast it could be fixed quite easily.