Thursday, July 16, 2009

"When Blogs Collide" or "There's a Whole Lotta Fishnet Up in This Bitch"

I was in Seattle for two weeks! And while I was there, I met up with Jess and we schemed up an interblogsection that I'm only just now getting around to posting. Hers is up and it's here. As she mentioned, the title of the posts comes from Ryan's observation of the bar. He said it so seriously, too.

Jess captured the night pretty well, truth be told. We met up at King's Hardware, which I keep reading about on the Slog. I expected it to be all hipster and annoying, but we were there early enough on a weeknight that we might have missed that crowd. My billy burger was devine. Can you beat grass-fed beef with goat cheese, roasted garlic, and onions? No, I don't think you can.

Billy Burger at King's Hardware

It is always fun to hang out with Jess and reminisce about our days in the 'Ville. One part of the customer shitting story she left out was that we had called the police on that gal because she'd forged/altered a prescription for vicodin. Oh, yes. The shoplifting was merely an added bonus. When the MPD arrived to nab her, she ran into the bathroom claiming her period had started (wtf?). But really, she shit herself in fear. I recall there being two women involved, but only the younger one lost control of her bowels. Good times.

North End Pub Crawl

I seriously covet Jess's t-shirt here, by the way. It seems like we took tons of pictures that night, but I really only have a few. Damn it! After much hemming and hawing, we left for the belgian pub, but the highlight was the Baranof. In addition to the peek-a-boo toilet stalls, the 'Nof has Poseidon to watch over you while you pee.

North End Pub Crawl

Never fear, the god of the sea is here! But of course, the best part of the whole experience was the karaoke. I conducted a video interview of Jess, for your enjoyment.


amysflock said...

I'm really glad I wasn't working at Hilton's during the bathroom incident. My one vivid memory there is of Ms. Ella B's rip roaring, juicy fart as she walked toward the cash registers, past the finger cots. Good golly.

Jess said...

Indeed, it was fucking awesome. And Sister Christian totally delivered.

Melanie said...

Oh my gawd! The customer shitting herself story! How I wish I had heard the retelling!

Love to you all!