Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm always surprised when other flickr users "favorite" my photos, especially when they're kind of real-deal talented photographers. I'm a semi-obsessive photographer, but I use a five year old point-and-shoot digital camera that I love mostly because it's tiny and I can carry it with me always, and I know basically nothing about composition, lighting, or any of the fancy settings that are technically possible. I just aim the camera in the general direction of pretty/weird/interesting stuff and hit the button. So it's a happy surprise when something turns out well and when it doesn't, I just delete.

Anyway, here are some of my pictures that people have added to their favorites.

hiking in the snowies
I love ranch eggs
driving through AZ, UT, and CO on Thursday
a storm is brewing
Barack Obama elected president
lcow and addie bparty 057
Peter and Katelyn
more landscape
guy getting tasered outside my house
Barn owl flying right at me!


Steph said...

You should tell us a little about each shot. I love all the outdoors pictures, I really envy you. And the Palin picture is pretty much awesome.

Jess said...

That top shot is absolutely breathtaking, love it! Was that taken in Wyoming?

amysflock said...

Great photos, Kaijsa! My goodness, was that a takedown in front of your house?!