Sunday, July 31, 2005

I'm back in the land of the living after three days of nasty flu. Hello, solid food. I've missed you! Let's never lose touch again, okay? Staying home from work sick is no fun. All I did was lounge around watching Tivo's recommendations, trying to keep popcicles down, and keeping up with work email. Blech.

Yesterday, I dragged myself to the vet for Nala's checkup and to get both dogs' nails trimmed and weights logged. Congrats to Abbie for losing another pound (net loss = 8lbs). I managed to escape a mere $350 later, but not without trauma. Isn't this the most pathetic sight:

Yes, she looks happy, but only because she's posing for a photo. Nala has an eye infection and, besides having to endure antibiotic eyedrops, is supposed to wear the collar to keep her from rubbing her eyes. When it's on, she's a mess. Her legs are short, so she gets stuck trying to walk up the stairs. She runs into things. She uses the collar like a cowcatcher, shoving Abbie, furniture, and people out of her way. My legs are all scratched up. The collar is coming off.

Ahhh--all better.

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