Wednesday, July 20, 2005


It's so nice out today and I understand it will
stay this way for a while. As a good
northwesterner, I'm fond of rain, hot coffee, and
warm clothing. But there's something about
summers in this area that make me so happy. It's
like everything is more beautiful, happier, more
special, and more fleeting in the summer.

The summer after finishing community college and
before beginning my bachelor's program was really
hot. Like record hot. I had quit my horrible
receptionist job and moved in with my parents. I
had very little money that summer, but I remember
having a great time. I spent three months
barefoot, eating popcicles and playing with my
dog. My mom and I canned peaches, pears, and plum
jam. I read dozens of novels from the library and
slept better than I ever had, or ever have since.
While I wouldn't want to live that way forever,
summer makes me wish I could put everything on
hold and just hang out until fall comes.

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