Thursday, February 23, 2006

Home on the range

Mom in front of my new place

My trip was really productive. The drive from Denver to Laramie on Wednesday evening was horrific. I know how to drive in snow, even though we don't get much of it in Seattle. That doesn't mean I relish completely iced over roads with drifting snow and so much wind that there's about two feet of visibility. I'm used to heavy, wet snow that falls like rain but not that powdery, dry stuff that swirls in the wind and sticks to the windshield and ices it over. I was also not prepared for interstate highways with no lights and very little signage. I was white-knuckling it for 150 miles.

Once I got to Laramie, I found a place right away. I was looking for something near enough to campus to walk to work most days, but ended up choosing a duplex in West Laramie. I'll have to drive, but I get a two car garage and it's a quiet, non-studenty street. The bonus is not having to deal with apartment living.

I also spent some time on campus getting paperwork started, checking in with my supervisor, and meeting colleagues who weren't on campus when I interviewed in December. Check out my new office. I'm in love with the gold powder coated desk and bookcases. So retro cute.

Posing in my new office

Now that I've been back there and started arranging my living and work spaces, I feel more ready to move. I don't leave for a month, but I'm sure the time will go by quickly. The moving coordinator has been out to give me a quote and the shipment's all scheduled. My sister-in-law will fly out me and stay for a week to help get me settled. It will be fun to show her around and spend some time with her before starting work.

In the meantime, I'm newly involved with a blogging project and will post more details soon.


Flourish & Blotts said...

Groovy office! You've got to get it all decorated up so its a home away from home. -Flourish

Kaijsa said...

Thanks. I have plenty of stuff left from my last office, so I'll be at home in no time.

SJ said...

LOOKIT YOU, Libberrian!

SJ said...

Send me that picture or I'll bite your muffin. YAAAAAR!!!!

Kaijsa said...

Hey, I haven't had time to download it yet! Soon, soon.

Anonymous said...

yay you! congratulations, again :)
-- phoebe

Kaijsa said...

Thanks, Phoebe!