Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I haven't been online at home much over the past few days. The nice weather kept me outside and playing with the dogs. I needed to soak up some sunshine because I'm heading to Wyoming on Wednesday to find an apartment. I thought it was cold tonight when I got off work at 9:00pm and had to scrape my windows. That's no match for my new town, which will snow on Wednesday and have temps of 0-20 degrees, just in time for my arrival. Welcome to 7200 feet!

We're having a party at work tomorrow. It's for the students, which is always fun. I spent much of my day today putting the finishing touches on questions for the trivia contest, making a staff recommendations display, and making posters and other signage. That was the fun part. The slightly less fun parts included unjamming printers, picking up candy wrappers and empty coffee cups, collecting at least two reams worth of unclaimed printouts, and trying to explain why we can't "print the whole internet" so the government can't see what the patron is searching for. It was a pretty easy day.

Pictures of my new home are coming soon!

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Kris G. said...

If you're settling in Wyoming, we're definitely going to have to meet up at a conference at some point. It's just too close to not ;)