Monday, July 10, 2006

Every Day is Like Sunday

We got some very welcome rain this weekend. Yesterday, trying to capture the feeling of home, I holed up with steaming cups of chai and tried to get some work done. I'm not sure if the stormy skies were to blame, but the power kept going out intermittently and then totally went off for a good part of yesterday afternoon. After lying on my bed for a while, feeling sorry for myself because I couldn't cook anything, finish my laundry, play on the internets updating blogs and paying bills, talk on my phone (I only have cordless), or watch anything saved up on Tivo, I was surprised and delighted by the power coming back on at the precise moment my grad school bff, SJ, decided to call me up and plot our Bumbershoot plan of action.* Looks like we both want to hit Monday, but I need to confirm with my since-we-were-eleven bff, M. If any of my Seattle homies will be there, give me a shout.

Anyway, after my talk with SJ, I got off the bed and back to work, clearing up some piles of paper in my office that were threatening to eat me. Several more person-eating piles remain, of course--much like my office at work. Which reminds me that I have a journal article lined up for winter. I'm quite looking forward to this project and it sure will be nice to have a fresh publication credit ready for my first T&P packet next spring.

*longest sentence ever, not counting Proust?


elmendez!! said...

heya!Saw SJ yesterday, and she mentioned bumbershoot. If you are definitely going and haven't bought a ticket, go to and enter "BumberFan" and get a super discount on a ticket, until 7/15. I just bought one $18.00- not knowing which day I'll go, but I was thinking Saturday- maybe I can be persuaded otherwise.

Kaijsa said...

Oh, I bought the presale tickets! All three days are going to be good, but I have too much to do while I'm in town to go to everything. I'm thinking Sunday and/or Monday at this point. Hope we can meet up somewhere along the line.