Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary

third drink
vanilla stoli and diet coke at Lovejoys

I've officially been in Laramie for a year now; tomorrow I'll have been at my job for a year, too. To celebrate, a couple of my friends and I went out on the town last night for some adult beverages and appetizers. It was kind of nice to be out on a quiet Sunday evening, when the bars aren't crowded with students. I even broke out of my Jack & 7 rut after my first drink, which could have been why I woke up with a headache. Diet soda is evil.

Anyway, I made it. The year went by so quickly that I think I can easily stick it out here for a few more. While I miss the water, the weather, and the beauty of home (not to mention friends and family), I really like my job and the people I've met here. So, Laramie, I tip my 40 to you.


Cass said...

The blur on this photo makes me feel like I'm there again. Why'd we agree to that last drink?

Kaijsa said...

Yeah, the photo pretty accurately represents my vision at that point. We definitely shouldn't have had the last drink, as evidenced from me not even remembering having it!

John said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad to hear you're still rocking Laramie. :)