Sunday, March 18, 2007

What are you reading?

My latest obsession is getting back to reading for fun. I say obsession because I have an obsessive personality and can't just do something a little. No, I turn everything into a challenge. I'm hoping to read an average of a book a week, which is 52 books in 2007. Yes, the idea is shamelessly stolen from Doppelganger's 50 Books, which I've been reading for quite a while. Of course, I had to top 50. I'm nothing if not competitive.

You can follow my progress at Kaijsa Reads, if you're interested. Yes, I started yet another blog. I needed to keep it separate from my crazy ramblings over here for my own sanity. Also, I like the aesthetic of just having sequentially numbered posts there with nothing else going on. I'm not pretending that makes sense--you remember the crazy part I mentioned above, right? So anyway, I don't promise super interesting book reviews. Sometimes I have lots to say about a book and other times I just want to name it and be done with it. It has been nice to get back to fiction; it makes a nice change from reading LIS articles and spending too much time reading librarian blogs--not that I've stopped doing either one of those things. I've fallen into a tiny mystery and YA fiction rut, but I vow to read some literary novels again, too.

Reading suggestions are welcome, as I tend to be kind of unimaginative sometimes. Just beware that if you suggest anything inspirational, I will make fun of you. Yeah, I'm a jerk.


Dorkmitten said...

READ TEH SECRET!@ It changed my life!!! Except, not at all.

Halp, I'm drowning in spring fling. I am counting the days til we can hang. Let's talk soon.

Kaijsa said...

Oh, I hear that. Just today I was all in a caffienated rush, thinking about what we're going to do when you get here. Tumbleweed hunting! Cowboy spotting! Whiskey drinking! Wyoming's mysteries, revealed.