Thursday, August 16, 2007

Before the storm

Windmill and angry sky

I went to a barbecue at a colleague's farm last night. We had just finished eating when the storm finally started up. We cleaned up and scurried inside, but I stayed out to take some pictures until the wind and rain really started up in earnest.

Facing the opposite direction from the windmill shot

The sunset started out pretty, but the clouds brought dark too quickly. We've been having really pretty sunsets lately, and I'm sad I keep neglecting to take pictures. One night this weekend (I'm pretty sure it was Saturday), the sunset was really pink and spectacular. I was driving home, so I was facing west, but I was right in a commercial area and had no decent vantage point. By the time I got home, I'd missed the best of it.

So anyway, we all went inside. The kids had to stop jumping on the trampoline, so they played video games and all the adults were chatting over the howling winds. Then the power went out. After we determined the lightning wasn't going to stop, everybody took off. The drive home was freaky. I'm not the most confident when driving alone in the country at night, and the extreme darkness, standing water on the roads, and massive lightning was kind of scary. I'm glad my phone rang so I had somebody to talk to while I drove back to town. That was nice.


John said...

Uh, not to be judgmental or anything, but isn't it a bit on the... unwise side to be talking on the cell phone while driving in a storm when you're freaked out and not feeling confident? Glad it was a nice time up to the storm, anyway. We've had a lot of storm action here lately too. Last night was a slam-bang doozy that put our power out three-four times. Looooots of exploding transformers.

Kaijsa said...

Talking on the phone made me more confident, actually. There were literally no other cars on the highway until I was about 2 miles outside of town and I was going about 30 mph because of conditions. So, while it might not have been so smart to be on the phone while driving, it was worth it for the calming factor, plus I was unlikely to hit anybody else. The only thing I worried about was wildlife, but I was really watching.