Monday, August 27, 2007

Idiot box

Regular readers (hee!) may remember the much crying and gnashing of teeth resulting from my ill-fated dalliance with local cable company (no link love). Anyway, for the past six months I've been convincing myself that I don't need television and that in fact, my life is much better without it. This was surely true during my travel-busy spring and over summer, when there are many things to do and opportunities for socializing. Maybe it's because I've been talking about cable and maybe it's because fall is coming, but I'm starting to realize that several cold months are ahead of me and I already squirm between shipments from Netflix.

So last night I took the plunge and ordered me up some Direct TV. It will be installed the morning after I come back from vacation, giving me two weeks or so before the big fall television premiers. Unfortunately--or maybe fortunately--lots of the shows I used to watch are off the air and what remains are one million CSIs and Law & Orders. That's okay, for I shall soon be reunited with a few gems. I am looking forward to my old friends The Office, 30 Rock, and Friday Night Lights (Tim Riggins!) and sickly excited for Gossip Girl. Don't judge me. I require one trashy option each season. At least.

Also, I can tell myself I will take advantage of the 185 channels and find a good workout show or two. The DVR should be good for that.


John said...

We had Direct TV on vacation, and it totally rocks the catbox. If you're getting the full-meal-deal, it's more like 350 channels (400?). Lots of TV you never knew you wanted to watch. :)

Jessica said...

" the catbox" - I like it!

I have cable and can never find anything to watch because I can't afford the premium channels. I have been using my Netflix to watch series TV that is either on premium cable (Weeds - get this, it's awesome) or it's no longer on TV (Once and Again, My So-Called Life).

I judge not trashy TV - girl's gotta have a hobby!

Kaijsa said...

Thanks for the recommend, John. I went for a medium package and no premium channels. I just can't justify $100/mo for tv.

Jessica, I've been Netflixing Weeds and it is awesome. I just started Big Love, too. I think we're on the same plan.