Tuesday, February 12, 2008

sleep deficit

What do you do when you can't sleep? I suffer from insomnia, which gets worse with stress or upheaval. To combat this, I've tried to follow the advice of The Experts, who say it's best to keep television and other activities out of the bedroom. Since I quit using my laptop, reading, or working in bed, I have seen an improvement in my ability to fall asleep at night. But following the rules forces me to get out of bed when sleep won't come or is interrupted by anxiety dreams. This was the case this morning around 5am, which isn't early to be up for some people, but when you fall asleep at 1am, it's pretty crummy.

To pass the time, I often catch up on music blogs. Bonus for you, because I can pass on all the good stuff I find.
That's it. It's now time to get ready for work and I'm finally feeling sleepy. Unfair.

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Jessica said...

I feel your pain - I haven't ever slept eight hours in a row. EVER. Not even as a baby. Not even in the hospital last year when they had so much Xanax in me that a sensible person would have been out for a year.