Monday, March 10, 2008

photoblogging Friday

As Rick reported, Friday was a heck of a lot better than Thursday. We decided to go ahead and go see Obama. The milder weather and larger venue made me hopeful that it would be a more pleasant time in line, and I was correct. When we got there, the line was longer than the previous day, but it was really moving. The crowd seemed more cheerful, too. Cass sort of summarized the whole thing, but if you know anything about me, you know I have to have my own say.

Here's my team on Friday:
snarky Rick and earnest Kaijsa
He likes to make that face.
There were lots of people in the Arena Auditorium. After living here a while, it's kind of exciting to see that many people all in one place. Of course, if I went to sporting events, this wouldn't be so unusual.
Obama worked the stage. He did a nice job, but I was disappointed he didn't tailor his message to Wyoming. All my friends have already hear me gripe about this.
After the big Obama show, we met up with a few other people and had some beers and snacks before the Ok Go show. It was pretty decent. They had some cool videos playing in the background, too.
Ok Go
Then I was very tired and went to bed in preparation for caucusing on Saturday morning. Watch me get all political!

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