Monday, March 24, 2008

armchair critic

I watch a lot more movies than I used to, thanks in part to the film series in town, but also because I upped my Netflix account to keep me stocked with something at nearly all times. This has led to me finally getting around to some of the critical favorites from the past couple of years. My reactions have been mixed, to say the least. Last night, I watched Junebug. I thought it was supposed to be funny, and it's only 106 minutes long, so that was a selling point. Holy cats! That was probably the longest 106 minutes I've ever endured.

I didn't hate Junebug, but I didn't like it, either. Amy Adams was charming, and I understand why she got attention from this movie, but she was really the only thing enjoyable for me. All of the acting was great, actually. It's just that the characters got no development and there was no discernible story there. The George character was a total cipher, though the actor did a good job with what he had. A film can be plot-driven, or it can be character-driven, but it should be one or the other, in my opinion. This one was neither. Bah.

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