Thursday, March 05, 2009

"I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates..."

photo by Marshall Astor (used under Creative Commons license)

I don't actually have my own skates yet, but I did go to my very first roller derby practice on Wednesday night! It's something I've been interested in trying for a while, but with the nearest team about an hour away in Ft. Collins, I knew the likelihood of making practices was slim. But recently, the Naughty Pines started up here in Laramie and now that I'm over the flu, I'm ready!

It took me about five minutes into practice to realize I really like it. I'm sore from the holds in skating position, but look forward to more. It's a great workout, and I think it will be a nice counterbalance to the yoga (which I really need to start up again). Stay tuned, and send vibes for no broken bones or teeth!


Jess said...

Awesome, Kaijsa! Roller derby sounds fun! Do you have a roller derby girl name yet? I know a girl who skates for the Rat City Rollergirls and her name is Vibe Raider. Clever. Love it.

Kaijsa said...

I think it will be fun, and hard, too. I don't have a derby name yet, because I just barely started. Before I get too excited about anything, I'll have to check the registry and make sure anything I'm interested in isn't already taken, but I don't even have many ideas yet. If you think of one, I'm all ears. I'm thinking I want something that either refers to librarianship or something western. Yeah!