Monday, February 23, 2009

9 thoughts in my head

1. I am wearing new cowboy boots today. It's very satisfying.
2. My to-do list is terrifying. Remind me to never get sick and miss 4 days of work the week before taking a few vacation days.
3. Should I be concerned that I still have little to no appetite? Can I live on tacos, coffee, and yogurt (1 serving of each per day) indefinitely?
4. Statistical significance is freaking me out.
5. Is a western-wear shirt, a pencil skirt, and heels appropriate for a national conference presentation?
6. I'm really hoping to love the new Neko Case album. Mark also reminded me to pick up the new Morrissey, which he thinks is amazing.
7. My mom gave me a great new clutch. It's navy patent with gold hardware, and is oversized. Women stop me to compliment it and men generally think it's horrible.
8. I'm reading The Perfect Scent, by Chandler Burr and it inspired me to start wearing perfume again. Today I'm wearing Fendi, which reminds me of Melanie. (My other favorites are Chanel's Egoiste for men, Jil Sander No.4, and YSL's Paris.)
9. If I don't get outside for some exercise, I will go crazy. But will I die if I try to go snowshoeing while still wheezy from bronchitus?


Anonymous said...

8. Have you read Perfume? :) Also, check out Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab online if you like ye artisanal parfum.

5. Librarians dress so badly, as a rule, that nothing is ever inappropriate at any conference, unless you are an ALA President. Aside from that, I think it sounds fun.

3. If it doesn't go away after the conference, yes!

Chandler said...

8. I'm glad The Perfect Scent inspired you to start wearing perfume again. The art form really has changed, hasn't it. I tried Narciso Rodriguez's Essence today. Alberto Morillas has created an updated 1990s construction that takes a bit of the watery oceanics, much more of the synthetic musks, and pours in powdery aldehydes. It makes me think of Kate Moss in pashmina. best, Chandler Burr