Sunday, September 13, 2009

three wishes

1. I wish Laramie had a coffee shop that doesn't suck. Coal Creek's coffee is decent, and so is the atmosphere, but the service is incompetent. My odds of actually having them remember to make my order after taking my money should be better than 1-in-4.

2. I wish there was a way to get a hold of some nice pants without leaving town. There's no way around the fact I can't turn a pair of chinos, three pairs of jeans, and some yoga pants into a work wardrobe. Shopping must be done, whether I want to or not.

3. I wish I spent more time in the moment and less worrying about what's coming next.


Steph said...

Hmmm, could have said the same thing about Beijing (well, the coffee and the pants part).

Also consistently committing the sin of #3. But made even worse as a job hunter, I think ...

Do this for me: Look out at the blue sky and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. And then be glad you can do it. (Feeling very sorry for myself these days. Hack, hack.)

Kaijsa said...

Aw, Steph. I do enjoy where I live, usually. Where are you job-hunting?