Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holy Hail


The photo above is from yesterday evening's big old storm. After getting knocked on the noggin by marble-sized hail as I skittered from my front door to my car, I drove on rivers of hailstones to the grocery store, then wisely tried to wait out the little bastards before going in to fetch my tortilla chips. This is my blurry documentary photography; the rain and hail were coming down way too hard to open the window. Freaky.

Completely unrelatedly, have you heard the NY band Holy Hail? They're pretty good--I discovered them on Hype Machine the other day. Listen to Minute Man (mp3). You can hear more on their MySpace.

Thinking about missing Bumbershoot again has me longing for more live music. It's too bad Denver's so far away and that most of the shows I'd like to see fall mid-week. A friend and I are pondering going to Monolith--the Saturday lineup looks most promising.

I did catch the Jalan Crossland Band set on campus the other day. I enjoyed it, and the students seemed really into it, singing along and getting really crazy during "Trailer Park Fire." I was too tired to stay for the headliners, Head for the Hills, so I'm officially old.

Jalan Crossland Band, University of Wyoming, 8/26/09

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