Sunday, December 20, 2009

*k3, k2 tog, repeat from *

This weekend, I dug into my various knitting bags and sorted out what I have. I finished a couple of hats that for some reason were partially done and abandoned and knitted another hat from the ground up. There was no salvaging a handwarmer that had a few mistakes and then had fallen off the DPNs, so I frogged it. It was only about 2.5 inches of ribbing, so I don't feel too bad about it.

So, if my calculations are correct and there are no more stashes of work somewhere, I only have one project going on now, and it's one I've been dawdling on. It's baby alpaca, and super soft and wonderful, but tiny. I'm more into worsted or bulky weight yarns because I like the way they feel in my hands. And I'm kind of impatient--shocking, I know.

All of this knitting has been fun, but I fear it's kind of an excuse for me not to be cleaning up the house and getting packed for my trip on Monday. I'm the worst packing procrastinator for no apparent reason. The last time I flew somewhere, I literally took ten minutes and threw random clothes in a bag right before I left for the airport, and just dealt with the odd matches later.

So if you're in Seattle next week and you see a woman wearing yoga pants, a sparkly tank top and a down vest, well it's probably me. Say hello.


jess said...

me, you, mel, beers, call or text me!

Kaijsa said...

Roger, wilco. Are you off next week, or are you working during the days before Christmas?