Monday, December 20, 2010

Westward ho!

In late July/early August, Melanie and I took a road trip that largely followed the Oregon Trail. In fact, Mel was on the road all the way from the east coast, so she started the OT in Missouri and saw the whole thing. She picked me up in Laramie, and we had a great adventure.

Wyoming landscapes are gorgeous, but I've posted so many pictures of it I'll try to restrain myself this time. Please enjoy the Sinclair refinery interrupting the scenery.
2010RoadTrip 009

I love roadside oddities. Mel is nearly indistinguishable from these stoic westerners in either Kemmerer or Diamondville, WY. I can't remember exactly.
2010RoadTrip 027

It is seriously so pretty out here.
2010RoadTrip 031

Straddling Wydaho.
2010RoadTrip 041

On the trail!
2010RoadTrip 042

We stopped at the Oregon Trail interpretive center for just a minute, and met a trail celebrity (although we didn't know that until later).
2010RoadTrip 046

On the way to a wedding near Sun Valley, we took a big detour to go to Craters of the Moon National Park. It was very odd, but cool to see all that black lava rock.
2010RoadTrip 056

Of course we had to make another stop out of the way to visit Ketchum, the last home of Hemingway. Finding his grave was super easy.
2010RoadTrip 059

It cracked me up to watch Mel post to Facebook from the gravesite.
2010RoadTrip 063

The Sun Valley Lodge has a really pretty monument to Papa.
2010RoadTrip 069

We drove back down to Twin Falls for the night. Can you believe we're finally at Day 2? In the morning, we visited Shoshone Falls before hitting the road again.
2010RoadTrip 078

From Twin Falls, we drove to McCall for Elizabeth and Jasper's wedding. I took a little break from photos for a day and just enjoyed hanging out with friends. The wedding was gorgeous and small, and the ceremony took place at a cute little inn on a patio that overlooked the lake. It was so fun to be at the wedding of two awesome people who've been together for 17 years!
2010RoadTrip 104

This one is probably in Idaho, but could be in Oregon.
2010RoadTrip 123

Of course we stopped in Baker City, OR at the end of the trail. The interpretive center there is really neat, and the wagon ruts are quite impressive.
2010RoadTrip 134

The rest of the day was spent hauling ass to Portland (Lewis & Clark trail, now!). We followed the Columbia (gorgeous) and stopped for the night at the White Eagle. Bunk rooms are cute and cheap, if you need a fun place to stay.
2010RoadTrip 148

We had breakfast at Tiny's, a cute coffee shop in the neighborhood, and made plans to meet up with our friend Shel for lunch.

2010RoadTrip 138

For a true Portland experience, we ate at some food carts. It was Monday, so lots of neighborhood pods were closed and we had to go downtown. That was okay with me! It was hard to choose what to eat, but Mel ended up with Thai, and I had a beet and apple juice smoothie.
2010RoadTrip 146

Then it was time to haul ass toward Seattle. After a brief stop in Seaside at the end of the Lewis & Clark trail (we're all about the detours), we took the bridge in Astoria over to Ilwaco, Wa.
2010RoadTrip 161

We made a stop again to see the North Head and Cape Disappointment lighthouses and to see the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. We had to hike up a short trail, but the views were so amazing. This is North Head.
2010RoadTrip 169

The Pacific Ocean.
2010RoadTrip 170

Cape Disappointment.
2010RoadTrip 173

We wanted to get to I-5 before dark, so we only stopped in Long Beach for a quick dinner and drove up the Coast Highway for a while but then had to cut over after Willapa Bay to start making good time.
2010RoadTrip 177

It was an amazing trip, and we got to see a lot of the west we love so much in just a few days.


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