Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blue Skies

Mom and Dad left on Monday morning, so life's back to normal. It was great having them here, and I'm looking forward to my trip back to Seattle in August. We celebrated Father's Day with a scenic drive along Wyo-130, through the Medicine Bow National Forest. The views of the forest and the Snowy Range were spectacular and Dad and I totally geeked out taking pictures. I uploaded a whole mess of them, if you're interested. This was one of the prettier non-mountain shots I got.

Medicine Bow National Forest
Carbon County, just a bit west of the Albany County line

The pictures are beautiful, but it was more impressive in person. When I was facing the scene above, this is what was behind me:

Snowy Range and Bellamy Lake
Bellamy Lake and part of Medicine Bow Peak

It will take some time, but I'm already plotting to see more of Wyoming (recommendations welcome). It looks like I won't get to Yellowstone until next summer because I already have travel planned for five out of the next seven months. Besides personal trips to Seattle in August and December, I'm heading back in January for ALA. And every fall, the university takes new faculty on a several-days-long driving trip around some part of the state. I don't yet know where they're planning to go this year, but I'm looking forward to it. WLA is in Gillette in September, so I'm hoping to add a day to my travel time and go see Devil's Tower. (The
Close Encounters connection will be an added bonus. I had the lunch box as a kid and wish I still did.) That's my immediate travel future. Let's not get started talking about ACRL and ALA annual yet.

I'll close with one of the best signs ever.

The best sign

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