Saturday, June 17, 2006

Three's Company

My parents are visiting! They arrived Thursday afternoon and they've been enjoying learning about my new home and I finally have an excuse to do more sightseeing and visit some of the local attractions. Last night we went to a dinner show at the Wyoming Territorial Prison park. Today, we drove to Cheyenne. Mostly, we just ate ice cream at Sonic and shopped at The Wrangler ("Where the Cowboys Shop"). We did see some big boots, though.

Big Boot

But look what I got!

Hat and Boots
Ugly Dolls and Monster check out my new hat and boots

Aren't they delicious? We went a little crazy in there, truly. Dad also got a panama Stetson, but his has a taller crown. Mom and I chose the same boots, but hers are brown with a teal shaft and I went for the goth cowgirl look. Dad prefers 1880s-style boots to modern ones, so he resisted the hundreds of beautiful styles we saw. I could have left with a dozen pairs if I had the cash. You might ask if I've been assimilated, but I say to you that this is simply a return to my roots and it hasn't completely taken hold. Like many PNW-ers, I'll still be wearing Tevas to work all summer.

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