Monday, November 06, 2006

The state of my office/the state of my mind

This is why I can't think clearly:

messy office

That's actually after I spent some time cleaning up.

I had nine instruction sessions last week, and my first T&P packet was due Friday. My hot water tank exploded on Tuesday night and my landlady was in Mexico until Sunday. I've been super busy for the past month, with teaching mostly, but last week was the undoing of me. After five days of boiling water for dishwashing and bathing, I'm very glad I'm getting things repaired today. I'm trying to get back to posting, but make no promises that it will be interesting for a while.


Glover said...

Hey, good to see you again -- and your office!

Kaijsa said...

Hey, thanks! I can't believe I flaked on blogging for two months!

sj said...

Oh no! That happened to us six weeks ago. SUCKED! And your office looks a lot like my basement office. Hee!