Sunday, June 22, 2008

lazy summer

Johnson Reservoir

This has been one of those great summer weekends. You know, the kind where nothing's really planned, but it's relaxing and fun things crop up here and there. On Friday, I went out for a couple of drinks, but my interest waned quickly. Rick, Peter, and I decided that a movie was in order, so we saw Get Smart. I didn't have high hopes at all, so I was pleasantly surprised to really enjoy it.

On Saturday morning, I met Rick to plan the big August road trip. We found a Forest Service lookout in Idaho to stay in on our way out. Looks cool, and I'm kind of excited. I rode my bike into town for the first time, and it was much quicker than I expected, taking 17 minutes from my house to Rick's, and I wasn't hurrying at all. I can definitely ride it to work sometimes, which will help me spend less on gas and get a little more exercise at the same time. I just have to figure out how to stop burning the tops of my arms while I ride--I have some seriously dorky tan lines.

Then Miriam and I walked around town a bit, stopping off at the public library's "Book Bash" in the park. The music was kind of good, but we eventually wandered away to get lunch at Fat Burrito. Then we went back to the house, where I crashed hard for two hours, probably because I was sunburned. I finally rode my bike back home, with some wandering about just for fun. I can't quite ride up the ramp to the footbridge because I am weak. But I made it halfway up before having to walk the bike. Maybe by the end of the summer.

Today, it felt like I'd slept in really late, so I was surprised to see it was only 8:44 when I got up. I didn't have anything planned and was lazing about with a book and a half-baked idea to gas up the car and grocery shop, when Addie called and asked if I wanted to go with her and Sondra to swim in a reservoir off of 34. So that's what we did, and it was great. The water was c-c-cold, but it felt so good. I took some pictures of the scenery and just had a nice day with fun, laid back people. And hey, Peter just texted, so maybe there will be some more fun to be had before work tomorrow.

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Jess said...

That reservoir looks refreshing!! Makes me want to go take a dip!