Monday, June 02, 2008

the weekend

It was as busy as ever this weekend. On Friday, I joined Peter and friends to help celebrate his one-year anniversary of living in Laramie. It's a big milestone, as I well remember, so going out for drinks is warranted. Only one photo survives from my own first Laramie anniversary, which might be a good thing.

On Saturday, Rick and I co-hosted a barbecue at my place. I don't spend a lot of time at home, let alone have people over, so it was kind of a nice change of pace. We had a good crowd of fun people and lots of tasty food. This picture cracks me up because Amye's getting swarmed by little girls.
may 035
The sunset was really pretty that evening, and I managed to snap a couple of shots. People stayed until dark, and seemed to have fun. I did, too.

pretty sunset

Then, on Sunday, Peter came over and got my bike road-ready. We took a ride to the Greenbelt, which I didn't realize was so close to my place until Rick told me how to get there the other day.

We tooled around on most of it, but had to go around the section that's underwater right now. By the way, City of Laramie, you need to get some info up online. This is the only map I could come up with and it suxxx. It's nothing new, but I'm always aggravated because the city site is lame and unhelpful, and most businesses here lack even a basic website. Welcome to Laramie, where it's still 1995 in many ways.


Finally, I got to cap off the weekend with the home opener for the Laramie Colts on Sunday night. For two summers, I've been meaning to go to some games, but never got around to it. Baseball's fun, even when the opposing team has trouble fielding the ball. Laramie won over Greeley, 9-4. For once, I forgot to bring my camera because it wasn't in my purse as usual. I had to make do with my phone, which was no match for the safety net in front of us. Ah, well.


The end result of my weekend outside is below.

can you tell I'm


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Laramie, where it's still 1995 in many ways.

Ditto Richmond. It's hell trying to find anything around here sometimes -- or find info, more to the point. It's like, everyone's been here forever and knows what's up, so advertising is often minimal... because everyone already knows, right? *sigh*

Kaijsa said...

Yeah, it's weird moving to a place that's behind the times. It gets so frustrating when there's no info available online, especially because I don't have cable and never see local commercials or the local info cable channel. I guess that's my fault. I don't listen to local commercial radio or read the terrible hometown paper, either.