Monday, August 24, 2009

last weekend of summer, part 2

vertical dance

Sunday brought more hot weather, but also storms. I headed up to Vedauwoo with Chad in the afternoon for the last vertical dance performance. Right as we arrived, the storm broke and pounded freezing cold water down on us. We waited it out in the car before hiking up to the site, and consequently missed the first ten minutes or so of the performance. I wonder if I missed the best part, because I remember some much cooler moves from the show two summers ago.

You can't really see the dancers in the photo above, but I wanted to show the scale of the rock. It's impressive, to be sure, though you need a better vantage point than I had to really see everything. The first time I went, we got there early and staked out a much better spot.

After the show, we drove across the valley to Centennial and hung out at the Bear Tree in the back yard. There was live music, and we had some green chili pizza. It was a nice way to end the day before the semester started.

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