Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Long Pause

I've been trying not to let so much time lag between posts, but I'm still not in a good routine here. It's been hard for me to gauge the passing of time because the pace is so different from Seattle. Instead of commuting 7 miles in 45 minutes, I now commute 3 miles in 7 minutes. It cracks me up that people have commented that I live "way out" from town. Please, I don't need a lecture on driving everywhere. Believe me, if there was transit in this town, I'd use it. I guess my tiny car and I are not polluting too much, though, because this morning I filled up my gas tank for the third time since I moved here on March 19th. It's been, what, two months and it feels like six.

So, have you seen Thingology, the new LibraryThing blog? I read the O.G. blog every so often, but I'm betting I'll follow this one more closely because it's the "ideas blog, on the philosophy and methods of tags, libraries and suchnot." In other words, it's for geeks and librarians. And geek librarians. There are only a couple of posts so far, but the discussion of the way tags and Library of Congress subject headings complement one another is fascinating. I think I'm going to continue getting sucked into LT because they keep adding features I want, like LCSH of course, and recommendations. I'm betting the recommendations in this social networking environment will work better than in commercial environment like Amazon, which never offers me stuff I want.

Also, I succumbed to an online quiz, but only report it here because the results crack me up. Sometimes these unscientific instruments can be eerily accurate. I guess I truly am an evil information scientist (TM SJ).

My World View
You scored as Materialist. Materialism stresses the essence of fundamental particles. Everything that exists is purely physical matter and there is no special force that holds life together. You believe that anything can be explained by breaking it up into its pieces. i.e. the big picture can be understood by its smaller elements.









Cultural Creative








What is Your World View? (updated)
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Melanie said...

Count me in for materialism! Just took the quiz and scored the same (75% postmodernism, 75% materialism with a tie-breaking question). - Mel