Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Road Trip

Lots of holiday traffic
View on I-80 E to Laramie, somewhere in Central Wyoming

Over Memorial Day weekend, I drove to Salt Lake City to visit my friends Karen and Eric and their dog Charley. The trip was my first out of town since I moved here in March and my first time driving across Wyoming. While I know I shouldn't do it, I like to take pictures while I drive and the wide open spaces here make it a lot safer than it was in Seattle.

My visit was fun and I got to eat lots of things I've been missing and can't get in Laramie, like Thai food, sushi, and gelato. K and E also took me to Liberty park, where we visited the aviary and saw a bird show.

This guy was really showing off
This guy was really showing off

There were peacocks everywhere, strutting around and eyeing the visitors. I told Karen that they were the peacock security force. It was fun to walk around and see all the birds you don't normally see up close, like vultures and bald eagles, but I think I liked the bird show best for the photo opportunities. During the raptor segment, one of the handlers challenged me to try to take a picture of a barn owl as it flew toward me. I think it turned out pretty well.

Barn owl flying right at me!
It's flying right at me!

Crazy! So, Karen and Eric, it's your turn to make the drive and come see me in Wyoming!


stacie jo said...

very nice picture. I can't get over the wingspan on that owl.

Kaijsa said...

Thanks! I was pretty pleased, especially since I had just a split second to press the button.

Gwen said...

That's so awesome, it almost looks fake. Good job!

Kaijsa said...

Thanks! I'm glad you stopped by, Gwen.