Sunday, April 27, 2008

rollin' rollin' rollin'

It's been a pretty great weekend. On Friday, Rick organized some roller skating. Wendy and Tawnya came, too, and we rocked Skyline Skate with our 30somthing powers of awesome. This time, I was almost able to do the crossover on the corners. I also got to practice my agility as I avoided running over tiny children just learning to skate, as well as some pre-teen girls who inexplicably sat down in a circle right in the middle of the floor. Man, I miss the Skate Inn and its army of whistle-bearing floor patrollers. They really kept things organized. Skyline is kind of a CF, with no adherence to skate etiquette at all.

Tawnya laces up

Then on Saturday, skate-or-die weekend continued with a visit from the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls, who came to Laramie for an exhibition bout, the Contenders v. the Others. It was a little disappointing that so few people came out, but it was really fun. We screamed as loud as we could for our chosen team, the Others (in black). I hadn't ever seen the RMRGs before, but quickly picked out some gals to root for.

april 050

Of course I could not resist getting my picture taken with a favorite rollergirl, Annia LateHer, after the match was over.

april 062

I'm planning to go to next week's bout in Denver, too. Laramie people, are you ready to caravan down?


Jess said...

Love the picture of you and the roller girl!! You look great, by the way!

Kaijsa said...

Hey, thanks! Rollergirls are very cool.