Thursday, May 29, 2008

new computer!

Hey, I almost forgot: I got a new computer at work. It's beautiful and I'm in love with it. One day before going to CALC was probably not the best time to have it installed, but I lived through not having a computer for most of a day, and I still got my notes together in time.

new mac
shiny new Mac

It's been a while since I had a Mac; I switched to Windows when I bought a laptop when I started library school back in 2002. The OS switch was motivated partially by the iSchool's recommended specs and mostly by sheer cheapness. The O.G. lime iMac I had then was seeming pretty slow by then, but I did write many papers on it, which are lovingly archived on the once-amazing technology called a zip disk. Then, all my jobs have had Windows machines and I just kind of stuck with it and now own three machines I wish I could trade in for one MacBook.

Anyway, I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to play with all the software, but I can report that I made a presentation this week and the screen shots and other fussy stuff came together much faster with Grab than Printkey. Sorry, end dorky software talk. But I did play around with Photobooth, which I love. Unfortunately for my flickr friends, this will enable my self-portrait fascination. Expect many photos like the one below.

Photo 6.jpg

Now, if I could only remote desktop, I'd be unstoppable.


Jess said...

Ah! I'm jealous. Your new computer looks velvety smooth. Can't wait to see more self portraits. You should do a portrait each day for a year. Happy Mac-ing!!

Kaijsa said...

I kind of wish I'd taken a picture a day over the past year, because I've changed so much. Ah, well.

Thanks for the good Mac wishes. I miss you!