Monday, July 21, 2008

hot in here

view from the monument, originally uploaded by Kaijsa.

Tonight the house is hot and I don't feel like I can sleep yet. I suppose I could go downstairs where it's always cooler, but I've sort of banned computers from my bedroom. It's all part of the master plan to improve my sleeping habits. Although, I suppose actually going to bed at 10 or 11 would be a good move in that direction, too.

I'm wishing I'd gone out and taken some pictures during the thunderstorm this afternoon. I even had my camera on me, but just ended up sitting on the porch of the library, texting back and forth with a couple of people until the power came back on.

After work, I just came home and had a totally lazy evening. The only productive thing I did was a couple of loads of laundry. It felt good for a while, but then I got restless and bored and wished I'd had something better to do. I have to report that I'm a few more episodes into Mad Men, and it's more interesting now. I think I'm just resistant to all those jerky characters.


Alita said...

I was introduced to Mad Men this past weekend, and for me, the weirdness was seeing Vincent Kartheiser playing a grown-up (kinda). Were you ever a Buffy/Angel fan? He's one of those alumni. It was really nice seeing Elizabeth Moss working, though. Always liked her (from West Wing), although it took me a while to figure out who she was.

Kaijsa said...

Oh, I was a big Buffy/Angel fan, and I hated Connor, as a character. VK is a good actor, which is probably why I reacted so strongly to his character. Agreed on Elizabeth Moss, though the 1960 wardrobe does her looks no favors. I think she's pretty in a modern way, but looks like a crazy squirrel with her hair pulled back and those bangs.

Jess said...

Can the sky in Wyoming possibly be any bluer? It is more like a smoggy light blue here near Los Angeles.