Tuesday, July 29, 2008

play ball

game in action, originally uploaded by Kaijsa.

Last night was the final regular season Colts game. I went over after work, so I missed the first couple of innings. When I got there, the scoreboard wasn't working and I didn't know where things were. So basically, I very quickly lost interest in following the action. There were some good plays, and the Colts won, but we saw just as many foul balls fly into/over the crowd as hits into fair territory. It was kind of scary there toward the end. A bashed in head isn't a fun souvenir of the game.

Maybe we'll have a better time at the Aquasox game next week. Yes, the big road trip is nigh and the plan is to go to the game on Thursday, August 7. Everett will face off against Vancouver, and Rick's hoping he'll be able to buy a Canadians hat. Their gear is certainly cooler, but I will of course be rooting for the 'sox, since they're part of the Mariners organization (and are also in last place). Any PNWers interested in coming with us to the game are welcome!

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