Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Tonight after class, Rick and I tried unsuccessfully to get some people together for drinks. Instead, the two of us had some dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. Cinco de Mayo is a weird holiday. Seems like most Americans think of it either as Mexican Independence (it's not) or an excuse to drink lots of cerveza and/or tequila (I guess it is). Today, all I could tell Rick is that I knew it was the anniversary of Mexico defeating the French in a battle sometime in the 17th century. So much for my education in world history, right?

I ate too much food and drank half a margarita. So, the evening was kind of tame, but okay. It was pretty nice to be home early, especially after a jam-packed weekend of shopping, barbequing, roller derby, too much driving, homework, and the Sunday evening movie (Persepolis). All of it was fun/good, but I'm tired.

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Jess said...

Yeah, I am horrible at history, I totally thought Cinco de Mayo was Mexican Independence. My last history class was at MPHS, talk about years ago, and I think it was a US history class. World History? I'm clueless.