Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So, it's been busy around these parts, even after the crazy tornadoes. We made it to Denver on Friday for CALC, and the panel and my presentation both went well. We got some good questions from the audience, which is always great. It was also fun just talking to people between sessions. For me, the day was kind of weird, because we missed the breakfast and opening keynote because we had to drive down that morning, then I was presenting in two of the three sessions. So I only got to attend the luncheon keynote and a program during the final session. It felt like I didn't get a lot out of the day, but I hope my stuff was useful to others. The session I did get to see was fun, though.

I thought I might have a pretty quiet Memorial Day weekend because everybody cleared out of town. But Peter got back from Rio on Saturday, and we drove out to Centennial for an early dinner at the Bear Tree, then drove into the mountains a little because the road was finally open. The snowdrifts are pretty huge. Then on Sunday, we drove to Ft. Collins for lunch and some shopping. I got my third new phone in a month, after the one I got the previous weekend malfunctioned and I couldn't dial a zero. I also got myself a pair of pants on sale.

Monday was pretty quiet, but after going to the grocery store, I ambushed Rick, who had just returned from Casper. Then Tawnya and Will called and suddenly, we had a little gathering for dinner, with Peter joining us in time to finish the game of Trivial Pursuit. That was nice, even though we were grilling on the porch while it rained.

I'm hoping for real summer weather this week and weekend, as I'm planning barbecue on Saturday, and I don't want to end up marooned inside. So I'm getting ready for that.

Loex of the West is next week, so I'm busily working on my program and trying to finish a paper to submit to the proceedings. I've never been to Las Vegas before, so I'm hoping to take lots of pictures and window shop at the fancy stores. Then I have a wedding in Seattle the following weekend, with the added bonus of the Old 97's show in Portland that Sunday. I expect to have my nose to the grindstone a little more than usual to keep up.

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