Monday, May 19, 2008

home again

Vacation on the coast was wonderful. We haven't taken a family vacation for a few years, so it was our first with my nephew. It was also the first trip in a long time where I felt truly relaxed. It was fun seeing West and how he's grown and changed since Christmas. At 15 months, he now walks and talks a little. My dad is his favorite person, and it's cool to see my dad in that role. His dad, my grandpa was my best friend when I was little, too.

checking out a hermit crab
Contemplating touching a hermit crab

Spending time on the water was exactly what I've been needing. One night we had a beach fire, and the mist from the ocean spray made my hair get even curlier. I forgot how huge my hair used to be when I lived in the humidity. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and tried to keep the sand out of our food.

may 014
Enjoying first s'more at the beach

The sunsets were lovely, and one evening we sat on the promenade and watched. I took too many photos, but it was cool.

sunset at Seaside
Beautiful sky


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