Thursday, May 08, 2008

rollin' along

Some of us went roller skating again last night. I think I've found my skating partners for the summer and beyond, which is pretty awesome. While I'm definitely rusty, I'm really having fun at the rink and am improving every time I go. Last night, I made my first attempt at skating backward, which I never even used to do as a kid. My crossover turns are still pretty awkward, partly because of the terrible floor condition and having to dodge children who aren't watching where they're going, but mostly because I just need more practice.

I'm considering using some of the stimulus package to buy a pair of skates. It would be nice to have some that really fit, and I wouldn't have to pay the extra couple of bucks to rent each time. But last night my rental skates were a little cooler than usual. Check out the Pac-man laces!

pacman skate laces

What I really should have been doing last night is finishing laundry and packing for vacation and/or working on my results and discussion sections of my paper. I'm flying back to the PNW for a vacation on the Oregon coast! Things I'm looking forward to: family, being at sea level, eating lots of seafood, walking on the beach, humidity, and not worrying about work (much) for a while week!

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jtglover said...

Have a great time on vacation! And coolio shoe laces. :)