Sunday, February 22, 2009

what's the frequency, Kenneth?

Update! Denver's Fox station now comes in badly. Denver's ABC station comes in pretty well. I got the latter to a barely-snowy setting, but then when I tried moving away from the antenna, the reception got worse. When I sat between the dipoles, it got better. When I leaned in toward the tv and raised my arm up, it got even better. My mom said I was required to stay there so she can watch the news. Her laughing comment, "You're going to get cancer! Stay there and block the radiation!" Nice mother I have, huh? (By the way, neither of us really thinks cancer is funny. At all.)

Needless to say, I'm not still sitting three inches from the teevee, but I am watching the insipid network news and it's surprisingly satisfying. Once we go digital, I should be in pretty great shape. Yes, I realize I'm posting a lot about my tv antenna, but it's on my mind these days. I think it was spring training starting that really spurred me on to get hooked back up on television. If I can watch some baseball this season, that would be nice. I'm also determined not to pay the cable company any money, ever. You might remember my fight with them a couple of years ago, when they wanted to charge me for cable that wasn't even working properly (I got sound or a picture, but never both on the same station). Well, they will be on my list forever.

In more entertainment news, I went to the MFA Creative Writing reading tonight. It was a nice way to end the weekend. I especially liked Julie's fiction piece, but I enjoyed all of it. The coming week has lots going on, and I need to balance out all of it with getting actual work done. Being sick for almost a week, then taking a few vacation days for Mom's visit means I have a lot to do in the next couple of weeks. But there are some good shows in Denver, and it looks like I have company for both Andrew Bird's show on Thursday and the Railbenders on Friday. Fun times.

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